Bowie @ The Movies

1967 ‘The Image’

Part played 'The boy'

This was Bowies first film role in which he plays 'the boy' in a 14 minute short. 'The boy' is the subject of a painting by an artist which comes to life and unleashes terror on the artist.

1968 ‘Theatre 625′: “The Pistol Shot”


Theatre 625 was an early BBC series, documenting different plays. The Pistol Shot features Bowie and Hermione Farthingale who would be come his girlfriend and the subject of 'A letter to Hermione' on Space Oddity.


1969 ‘The Virgin Soldiers’


Bowie only appears for seconds in the background. Blink and you'll miss him.

1970 ‘Pierrot in Turquoise’ or ‘The Looking Glass Murders’

Part played 'Cloud'

Only ever shown on STV (Scotland). Bowie plays the part of 'Cloud' in Lindsey Kemps adaptation. Bowie also wrote and sang the songs.

1976 ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’

Part played Thomas Jerome Newton

From the opening sequences it's clear this film role was just perfect for Bowie's first major film role. An alien who comes to Earth in search of water to save his dying family and home planet. Using the alias Thomas Jerome Newton he amasses a fortune from new hi tech patents in order to build a craft to return home. Unfortunately for him his corporation grows so large that he ends up a prisoner of the corporate elite who run his companies.

A great film and a must see. If you want to know what happens to Thomas Jerome Newton in the years that follow, you will have to see the stage play Lazarus written by Bowie in 2015.

1978 ‘Just a Gigolo’

Part played 'Paul Ambrosius von Przygodski

set in Berlin in the years between the two World Wars, Bowie plays an out-of-work soldier turned gigolo. Not Bowie's finest movie, crashed and burned at the box office.

1981 ‘Christiane F.’

Part played Himself

Bowie performs Station To Station in a concert venue in Berlin. This is a great film following a true life story of 'Christiane F' a young teenage girl from Berlin who falls into a life of drug abuse.

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